Daniel Espinosa gets his facts straight: Social media fact-checking, brought to you by the Deep State

In order to understand why the Tampa Bay Times win’s a Pulitzer Prize for its series “Targeted” while people like myself have former military intelligence shitbags sneaking around behind my house, breaking in to my car and smashing my dash cameras (Hi, Block Captain Doug, in [city name redacted]!one must first understand who started the Tampa Bay Times:

Nelson Poynter, WW2 former military propagandist, psychological war operations, Office of War Information(OWI), and founder of the Poynter Institute; and that organization among the lead “fact checkers”in the current censorship drive of all social and other media–yeah, that guy started the Tampa Bay Times. A 100% spook affiliated military propagandist; weird, like that one day when you realize that happy-nice-fun-to-read-Dr. Seuss was also a military propagandist, who targeted ethnic minorities with heinous depictions and stereotypes.

Folks: it ain’t the Jews controlling western media, and it’s DEFINITELY NOT THE RUSSIANS or “the evil CHINESE” either– its the US military and it’s FVEYs nations allies working through NGO’s and actively and at every level controlling “the narrative,” aka “facts and who checks them.” But if you mosey over to any of the sites that discuss Poynter’s history, none of them mention these “facts.” Not a word about this stuff–go look in Wikipedia, lol. Not a mention of “mind control and influence operations” in the guy’s bio anywhere.

You don’t have to take my word for it–hell, I was stalked all across the USA for decades for simply seeking “facts,” and here I am today, watching other reporters win Pulitzer’s now. And, the Gary Webb Award is still open for applicants too.

But first, a little more about Block Captain Doug.….

A mirror’s glimpse of the Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Gang Stalking Journalism. Apply at this blog to be considered for this AMAZING trophy.

I met Doug this way: one day I was documenting a [privately financed, publicly active police para-military organization name redacted] team that had moved in next to my house, and they talked very loudly about the “gay mafia” that was taking over in the [ privately financed, publicly active police para-military organization name redacted ] lineup’s, and naming names–how there was a political war afoot within those departments.

One of them said to me directly “I know, statues, Confederates, whatever, This thing is about more than statues!” This is what “directed conversation” is in the gang stalking dialectic.

And that guy, big as a house, one working eye (other eye ate a flashbang grenade on a forced entry), and a former decorated drug war helicopter pilot to boot. I won’t describe him further, because that would give away too much and put him in danger–but a few of my readers know who he is.

So, as I was corresponding online with others about this exact topic, my internet would routinely crash, and burn, or get “redirected,” sometimes to other routers in my vicinity–one of them tellingly named “Peanut Butter,” which lived up to its name, because once my wi-fi went to that, the internet slowed worse than in the pre-Total Information Awareness days of the FBI’s infamous Carnivore program, aka DCS1000.

I documented these events in this way (<<<click this link for an amazing “passive surveillance”tool that anyone can learn to use to trace, track, and trap gang stalkers in all sorts of ways). Science, and facts are indeed very important, and Wireshark is an incredible “fact finder.”

And so it was that I became aware that I was personally being stalked by current and former military, police and others in their orbit. At times I was routed to any of the many Fusion Center’s across America–not democratic in any way. Law enforcement agencies use identifiable IP address clusters, and even special LEA -only network switches and routers. Not that I didn’t know all of that already, but at that point, I was in proving it mode, and definitely provably being attacked in many ways–and taking names at that point too.

.Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence as they say.

And then The Note appeared on my windshield one day:

“Hi, this is Doug. I have a BIG STORY for you. Call me at this number.”

I can provide that data–and retained the phone number– even today, as well as that actual note with DNA still attached, if anyone is interested, because as you see, journalists are winning Pulitzer Prizes because of my ongoing investigations in the public’s interests, and provision of facts to other media outlets that DO report on gang stalking.

But back to Doug. He had a big story, and he wanted me to get on “Gab,” the app that monitors you from a right wing perspective, instead of the faux-liberal app’s like Twitter and so on.Regardless–I don’t do social media, unless its to investigate stalkers and others in their orbit. All social media is is a huge police and surveillance state”kettling” and targeting system of real activists. Or, maybe a “horseshoeing” would be a better description of it, as deep state Silicon Valley trolls and spooks argue “which is a bigger honeypot, Gab or Parler?”

“No, thanks, but not interested,” I said, thinking about why, now this “neighbor” I had never met wanted to talk to me, as I was working an angle about mass shooters and hidden military operations in my country at that time, becoming a banana republic of sorts, 2016 or so, ongoing. And this, as I was contacting lawyers in Washington D.C. because a[ privately financed, publicly active police para-military organization name redacted ] squad had just moved in next door to me.

Talk about control of the narrative! They really want you to choose sides now in the USA–a sign of complete deterioration of democracy, and the rule of law. And they will–and do-stalk you, frame you, and harass you or worse so that you pick a side.

“So, whats your big story?

“Satanists! They are everywhere.”

“Yeah?” I replied, looking the devil straight in the eyes.

“Right. We need to stop the Satanists.”

“Oh. Well, good luck with that.”

He wanted to say that and, then, more gibberish about cults, religion, child kidnapping and so on. Was I a Democrat or a Republican? A satanist, or “with us.”

Pretty “normal” conversation for these types, but to any rational person? Pure psychobabble, like this guy over here, a right wing college professor who writes (rather well) about how Playboy Bunnies are mind controlled sex robots(regardless of their own “fee will” and the lucrative salaries that they were “forced” to endure”)–the right wing has a really hard time with the conflict created between free speech, free will, pornography on one hand, and censorship, dirty deeds done overseas, and subservience to narratives about the Devil, which we discover time and time again, is the sliver stuck like a log in their own eyes.

It turns out that Doug also films all of the city council meetings, knows all the right people, and so on. An “insider” to be sure.

Go get those devils, Doug! Start by a good long look in the mirror at how you and your fascist comrades are turning the US Constitution into a dark murky forest just off the main drag, where all the pedestrians go to take a shit when no one is looking. Maybe take a look at how some believe in the death penalty, despite its lack of utility as a deterrent of any kind, or the fact that it produces snuff pornography for it’s “believers.”

Or, maybe take a peek into “gang stalking.” That would be a good place to find Satanic cockroaches hiding in darkness–and a few other things too.

And this type of stuff, or course:

War Porn. Lots of it.
I mean–WTF? And:
Really! Don’t any of you know that was an illegal war? That war crimes were committed–but you have time to stalk me in the back alleys and by-ways of “the free-est country in the world!?” If that’s freedom, I want none of it.

Murky by-ways and highways indeed–And then, stalking others to blame that shit on them, lol. What a crock of shit–they are full of it(I just wanted a few shit jokes in here.)

At the time, my phone was routinely being redirected too, and I would screen capture or film those moments, at the time I did not have a program like LanDroid to trace the stalkers, and some still unknown agency was using it as a wiretap, and I was collecting the strange license plates that were stalking me everywhere I went.

A lot of these types like “vanity plates” for various reasons, beyond vanity–one of those reasons is that they are an easy way to spot each other in traffic as they stalk people on the highways. And, like the Portapique mass shooter/rampager Gabriel Wortman, gang stalkers like to use old police cars, in many cases the Ford Crown Victoria and Interceptors and so on.

Well, anyways, Doug.

You can look up Doug yourself if you want to–he runs a “Magick Shop” in the neighboring village of [name redacted in order to preserve the integrity of on-going gang stalking operations]., which he uses to entrap “Satanists,” and others of the towns children who do not adhere to “Gods Word,” whatever that is–according to historians, a total fraud and reaction formation to the tenacity of Jewish belief systems and history.

So, Doug has a question for me: “So, are we gonna need to keep an eye out around here?” he says, literally closing one eye and squinting as he says “I was in the [military branch redacted because they are well known gang stalkers] police investigations for most of my career, and I can spot a Satanist with one eye!”

Doug is about two inches taller than me, but I could easily have dusted his broom with a quick uppercut, or a double handed chin chuck, and finished him for his insult with a sweep kick and a stomp to his face, but I reassured his one eye that he had no need to worry–and that if the Devil WAS anywhere near there, I would give him a call.

But I made no promises to his other eye, and for that, I remain grateful to this day, as we see that, in his neighborhood, bullies and gang stalkers and arrogant pricks who pick on Asian people are getting called out now.

Not that this will change anything in that area for the short term, as it is in fact the Masonic capital of California, more or less, because mega-Masonic corporate powerhouse McDonald’s started right there on Route 66, and its quite possible there are more Masonic and other sooper seekrit temples in that area per capita than there are McDonalds now.

Well, anyways, a note about all of that “fact checking” in the media, and who does it. If you guessed US Military mobs and CIA created NGO’s and organizations like Snopes.com, Politifact, etc.–you would be correct–they are indeed, all connected, and all are indeed highly organized with boilerplate straight from military intel and others in that orbit.

Related Story: Are these same military mobs hiding behind CIA and Mi6 NGO’s also behind #CancelCulture and the ultra-conservative #MeToo” movement too? Analysis from offGuardian.org

H/T to Daniel Espinosa for the excellent tale of that exposure of the “inter-disconnectednessinter-conceitedness inter-connectedness* of the “official story” and its military PSYOP narrators:

Almost four years of mainstream media hype about “fake news” and “Russian meddling” propaganda has brought to the world exactly what they were intended to bring: an effective mechanism for internet and social media censorship.

In the center of this move toward global discourse control is an organization called the Poynter Institute, home to the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), a body created to coordinate, promote and train dozens of fact-checkers from around the world.

The IFCN and many non-profits working in the same field are funded by the big capitalist “philanthropists” of our era, like George Soros, Pierre Omidyar, Bill Gates, and even the Koch brothers…but also by the US Department of State and a shady “aid” – in reality, political meddling – organization, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), historically linked to the CIA and regime change operations.

Google and Facebook – itself tied to the warmongering Atlantic Council and its “Digital Forensic Research Lab” – are also associated with Poynter, by funding and partnerships to fight “fake news” (including the development of an “automated” fact-checking program for the upcoming 2020).

The marriage between Poynter’s IFCN, politically inclined billionaires, the State Department – and the whitewashed public face of the Deep State – suggest that the institute is probably working in what Nelson Poynter, its founder, worked on for a key part of his life: propaganda and censorship for the US government.

Although this information is not available in Nelson Poynter’s Wikipedia profile or in poynter.org’s history page, his work for a government propaganda agency is not exactly a secret. A resemblance of his wife, Henrietta, also at the institute’s website, quickly passes over the fact that Poynter did work for the Office of War Information (OWI) during WWII, but his specific role as a government censor and propagandist is never mentioned.

Nevertheless, Hollywood Goes to War, a book written in 1987 by Clayton R. Koppes and Gregory D. Black, is one of the many historical sources that tell the details of Poynter’s job.

*note that spell checker doesn’t have a listing for “inter-connectedness” lol

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