Former eBay executive and security contractor Jim Baugh to court: “I am a spy, so, no gang stalking charges OK? Nashunul Sekurity! Spy stuff!”

I would like my readers to compare ROGS Analysis to the famous “gang stalking denialism” of Dr.s Lorraine Sheridan, David V. James, Christine Sarteschi, and others like them.

ROGS Analysis states that “nearly 100% of all claims of gang stalking arise from people who have been stalked and harassed by current and former military, police, and military intelligence trained persons, and their assets in the “community policing” scheme.”

Those “good doctors,” and forensic analysts above? They say that gang stalking claims are likely delusions–that only crazy people complain about gang stalking.

You all know the claims–these types of claims that the “good doctors” say are crazy: “they are stalking me 24-7“–as a guy in New Zealand slashes a few stalkers after 53 days of 24-7 chronic surveillance by 30 cops and their “community assets.”

They are zapping me with electronic weapons! As Ahmaud Arbery survives an attempted electrocution with a Taser by Georgia police, only to be murdered in cold blood two years later in what many are calling a lynching–and that by the same gang of police and prosecutors who were tailing him around for many, many years.

Or like that one crazy guy, Attorney Abe Dabela who shot himself in the back of his head just after reporting being harassed by a gang of fire fighters? Crazy! He was so crazy he even left a muddy footprint on the back of his own jacket, but forgot to leave his DNA on the trigger of the gun that he shot himself in the back of the head with.

And of course, the “gang” that murdered him forgot to even sample his hands for gunshot residue with a standard GSR kit.


Crazy! those targeted individuals.

Related Story: The “What Matters Most” podcast interviews Abe Dabela’s sister, as she discusses his targeting, and the coverup of his murder that followed.

Well, no small surprise then, that when a couple of writers started getting unsolicited pornography subscriptions, and pizza’s delivered to their home in the middle of the night, and a bloody pig mask sent to their house–as creepy guys stalked them, and attempted to plant listening devices in their home–no surprise that the shitbag who did that now claims that because he was a US security contractor, he should get ff the hook.

Ex-EBay Exec Says His Spy Work Undercuts Stalking Charges

ormer eBay executive Jim Baugh said in court “he believed his actions were necessary to avoid a perceived harm–just like the arguably unlawful covert operations he once ran as a US security contractor.”

I ask my readers to compare ROGS Analysis of gang stalking to Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, et al, and see whose facts line up, and whose don’t. WHich one of us uses the scientific method, and which one of us doesn’t. Because her/their science is all fluff, full of “content analysis” of these same perpetrators online blogs and other time wasting garbage.

And, maybe take a look at my Open Letter inviting them to dialogue about it–which I don’t think they will, because I have written to them before, and they did not respond.

And also, maybe because they are frauds, sucking at the same teats as these “security contractors” too.

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