Let’s meet an actual “demon” who has been named in a federal lawsuit! And let’s call him by his proper name: Courtland Tanner Vaughn, I invoke you! You have been named in a federal lawsuit! Abracadabra, E Pluribus Unum! And Veni, Vidi….

Julius Caesar met the most unfortunate end, as his best buddy Brutus joined a gang that murdered him SO it goes with all “gangs” of “stalkers.” Veni, Vidi….Abracadabra, and GOATS!

What comes around does indeed go around.

See the source image
Back stabbers! What comes around, does indeed, go around too. Image Source

It’s predictable, this sort of treachery among these petty little gangs that US agents enable as gangs of stalkers.

Look–some genius artist in that area wants fame–look at this masterpiece of creeper art (it’s s sub-genre of real art, like John Wayne Gacy’s clown pictures, or Charly Manson’s prison masterieces–which, notably, do have a cult following” in the art world).

And, like Banksy, no one knows who this artist is yet. Yet.

Notice the “behind your back” motif, popular with cowardly, frustration-aggressive gangs of stalkers.


Picture if you will, the Great Stromboli! manipulating puppets on strings, and poor, lil’ Pinocchio none the wiser–and suddenly! Strings out of nowhere! And–a growing nose! Ham sandwiches for breakfast, and lesson’s in “how to develop a conscience, for people who have no conscience!”

Yup. That’s what these gang stalking cases are–levels upon levels of state actors, manipulating local actors in various ways, trying to gin up some conflict, so that they can level some charges. Manufactured terrorism follows a similar model, but those are the extreme outliers on a Bell curve.

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Let’s meet a true and actual demon (whatever TF that is), as skeleton faced Courtland Tanner Vaughn becomes a defendant in a forthcoming federal lawsuit about gang stalking; and whose family and “webs of relations” in his area are quite interesting indeed. I am still researching how INTERESTING These little klan’s are in that area!

Behold, A Pale Arse:

Here’s some free lyrics if anyone wants to be famous–and maybe have a “rap music career”–I mean–obviously I can write, but can I get “recorded!?” Ahhh….:

Nuf said, got nuttin in my head, got dogs in my bed, I am seeing RED! Might as well jus’ put a bullet in my own head!

Oh, look, I wannabe Kid Rock, but I got a short cock, so I am the lead ass-slave on my gang stalker block!

Mr. Moore is a bore, so I kicked in his door, and the goat is remote, we be is feelin so doped,

Rope’s and Dopes, and Ropes, and Dopes–(boats and ho’s and boats and ho’s!) Ali!

Ali, Ali! Ali!

Ali got nuttin on me, I can do karate chops on door knobs, and draw dick pictures like a real slob, I can do back-flips, and drink my own wee! Ali got nuttin on meeeee!

I gettin my ass kicked, by bitches lickin slits, I still on my mumma’s tits, and I is so wise I got tattoos on my own eyes!

(Keep your EYE on the Prize, Eye on the Prize, aight’?)


Fruit flies….some guys…i be like “I tries” and I eats French….no…no…um….uhAwww, fuck it–I can’t keep up with these yung rap GENIUSES.

But you get the idea–this cockroach is assisting a constitutional breakdown in Okolona, MS and especially in Mr. Richard Moore’s front yard. I have seen the video of this creeper in Mr. Moore’s house, committing felonies. And according to my sources in that area, it appears he is part of some gang or another too.

Where’s Liberty Valance when you need him? Oh….never mind…..Nigga$kkk’D00d be chillin’, he in a big gang of honky’s automobilin‘!

Liberty Valance, due process of law–the 14th amendment, WTF!? Who needs the law in Mississippi? They never had any use for it there, as the state’s history demonstrates.

Rainbow dildos, and , yeah…wife beating lesbian FBI agents….now, there is a REAL conversation, right girls?

See the source image
Guy with unpronounceable name written in fourth grade hand writing, and nameable identity disorders caused by the Single Mother Industrial Complex–and RAINBOWS, YAY!–and likely incest issues with “mumma” due to MKULTRA, dyes hair for extra lunatic effect. Fails at garnering respect from the human race. Image source: Satan’ !recording label, Capital

Yeah–these hellspawn are indeed interesting publicity seeking weasels, huh?

My name be some unpronounceable shit, my face look like ass-slit, got Feds sendin’ me dimes, and I done figured out how’s 2 rhizomes rinds reminds rhymes!

Yeah–naming demons is usually the first step to chasing them back into hell–or back into their mumma’s uterus, where they NEVER should have been allowed to escape from in the first place.

My next series of posts will document how the FBI in that area refuses to take Mr. Moore’s correspondence–they X-Ray his mailed complaint, but then send it back marked “Return to Sender, Address unknown. No such Number! No such Phone!

People often ask online “what happens in gang stalking” but the real question is “What DOESN’T happen in gang stalking.” What DOESN”T happen my peep’s is that these agencies do not take these complaints, even when the evidence is solid, as we see in Mr. Moore’s case.

No–they want the local bandits and highwaymen and women to create such a huge harassment event, that they can then gin up some “counter terrorism” story, hoping these guys go ballistic or something–and then these shithole states get free money from the Fed, and their international banking cabal’s to “make their communities safe!”
Yup. Strange fruit they grown down in that area.

SO as we see in this case, Mr. Richard Moore of Union County Mississippi tried to send some documentation to the fed’s, who X-rayed it according to DHS protocols, but returned it to the sender, unopened. Remember those three monkey’s?

I mean, who knows? The package could have had Jimmy Hoffa’s last fingerprints, pointing to his own grave on a map drawn in his own blood enclosed! Valuable evidence! A pubic hair that we could have planted at some crime scene or other! to frame some guy! A missed opportunity

See the source image
These monkey’s waited around too long–and then sent the package back. Image source Live Action News

I wonder, sometimes, if Elvis was also sleeping with his mother like so many of these yung guys with three or four daddies….it seems common in that area. Attachment disorder–maybe some boundary issues comes to mind in these cases, do ya think?

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