The Rape Hoax Industry Revealed: “Lovely Bones” author Alice Sebolds #fakerape hoax ends, as Anthony J.Broadwater is exonerated, spotlighting “junk science” once again

Anthony J. Broadwater was convicted of a #fakeRape. His very real accuser, Alice Sebold made tens of millions off of her very real claim. Let’s take a look at the #fakeRape industry, and one man’s claim against it.

Anthony J. Broadwater was convicted in 1981 of raping Syracuse University student Alice Sebold–who went on to make a career writing twisted police pornography, and gang stalker classic’s, most notably “The Lovely Bones,” about a deviant who kidnaps, rapes, and kills a girl–and who eventually dies “a mysterious death” after being stalked around the country.

Broadwater was fully exonerated two days ago, after 40 years of his life were stolen by author Alice Sebold’s brazen and sociopathic lies, which she even discussed in her memoir “Lucky.”

If you haven’t seen Lovely Bones, I suggest that you find a way to view it–free–download it for free from one or another free site, or streaming service so that this woman does not make another penny from her horrific fantasist work. And if you have seen it, you know that it is classic gang stalker porn–classic police investigator pornography.

Lovely Bones Synopsis: A cult classic amongst “Silence of the Lambs” era “empowered women,” dark natured lesbians, behavioral analysts, police profilers, and gang stalkers who see malevolence in every old man. Especially popular in the FBI-Hollywood narrative control circles, Bones manufactures the super creepy male unmarried male neighbor as a demon who plots to entrap, kidnap and rape his lovely 12 year old neighbor–an iconic and classic projection of sexual appeal could only be crafted in a feminist trance formation session similar to the Cootchie Snortcher rationalizations of female deviants–and cast like a spell upon “all men” by proxy. After the deed of rape and murder is done, the girls family begins to suspect the creepy neighbor. Lot’s of stalking, and break-ins occur. The movie culminates with a woman who is stalking the old “creep” causing his death, in an extremely passive aggressive way. Lots of metaphysical allusions, and female-fantasist cosmology, combined with anti-male tropes crafted by white third wave feminists who love to consider themselves as “witches.” Women just like Alice Sebold.

The AP reports how she fingered a random black man, because he was exactly that to her–a random black, male target, one in a long line of opportunistic white female fantasists claiming a rape that never happened by a random black man.

Conviction overturned in 1981 rape of author Alice Sebold


Sebold, 58, wrote in “Lucky” of being raped as a first-year student at Syracuse in May 1981 and then spotting a Black man in the street months later that she was sure was her attacker.

“He was smiling as he approached. He recognized me. It was a stroll in the park to him; he had met an acquaintance on the street,” wrote Sebold, who is white. “‘Hey, girl,’ he said. ‘Don’t I know you from somewhere?’”.

She said she didn’t respond: “I looked directly at him. Knew his face had been the face over me in the tunnel.”…Sebold went to police, but she didn’t know the man’s name and an initial sweep of the area failed to locate him. An officer suggested the man in the street must have been Broadwater, who had supposedly been seen in the area. Sebold gave Broadwater the pseudonym Gregory Madison in her book.

After Broadwater was arrested, though, Sebold failed to identify him in a police lineup, picking a different man as her attacker because “the expression in his eyes told me that if we were alone, if there were no wall between us, he would call me by name and then kill me.”

Broadwater was nonetheless tried and convicted in 1982 based largely on two pieces of evidence. On the witness stand, Sebold identified him as her rapist. And an expert said microscopic hair analysis had tied Broadwater to the crime. That type of analysis has since been deemed junk science by the U.S. Department of Justice.

“Sprinkle some junk science onto a faulty identification, and it’s the perfect recipe for a wrongful conviction,” Broadwater’s attorney, David Hammond, told the Post-Standard.

The lengths to which white females have gone to frame men, and black men in crimes for centuries is stunning, another topic for a later post. But suffice it to say that they did that on an industrial scale. They built the two tiered society, they built the prison system, they pleaded for the Violence Against Women Act, so that they would be held unnaccountable for their own violence–hell no, lady, its NEVER your fault!

In that era, the big discussion among (white) feminists could be summarized by saying that “that the patriarchy owns and controls everything due to nefarious activity, and women are oppressed by that patriarchy at every junction. SO, “empowerment” need not respect laws–all of those laws created by white men–and we can do whatever we need to do to gain power. And besides–Puritan’s burned some witches at Salem!

Well–some witches need to be burned, and I think Sebold is one of them, exploiting a random black man’s life so that she could make millions. But she had a lot of help on her road to “empowerment,” which I will explore later.

Mind you–these women had very little concern for the rights of others, and also that corporations–led by the “pioneering” efforts of Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernay’s, had been motivated “forwards” like a herd of cattle since the 1920’s, and “the women’s right to vote,” and so on.

Mind you–this form of liberation was merely a PR stunt, another project for people like him to “pull off” motivated by racism–Bernay’s was a deep cultist, part of “the Frankfurt School” and his actions were strictly capital formation, i.e., he simply wanted to profit–nothing he did had anything to do with “freedom” per se, but rather, moving human lives as if they are a herd of cattle, to create a profit.

Related Story: Public relations campaigns, white women’s “empowerment” and cigarette’s–Edward Bernay’s Torches of Freedom and the corporation, framing women’s struggle as “working,” just like everybody else. “With men away at war, women were forced to move out of the home and into the workplace.” Um…yeah, that’s a lot to unpack….

So she–like armies of white females before her–fingered a random back man, and took away his life. A totally sociopathic, white female thing to do. Hell No Lady, It’s Never Your Fault! no matter what you do! In western societies, female sociopath’s are enabled by the systemic and institutional mechanism of unaccountability, regardless of how heinous their activity is.

It’s a historic pattern, going back much further than the Women’s KKK Auxilliary and its form of toxic feminism too, because #fakerape has it’s roots much earlier in Victorian England, where prudery was the order of the day, much as the neo-prudery of the #MeToo movement ushers us into the bizarre reality of a total surveillance state–why are all the WRONG people watching?

But it turns out that in fact, sometimes the RIGHT people are watching, and in this case, Sebold’s crime was revealed because a movie producer working his way through her bullshit script “Lucky” smelled a vaginormous albino rat–and hired investigators to get to the bottom of the strange, illogical plot twists. No kidding, read through this story, research it online–Sebold was set to have the script made into a movie–with none other than YET ANOTHER Bronfman from Canada promoting and producing it! Let me know when you start seeing patterns….

But even a Bronfman knows when to drop a poison load–hell, the family fortune came from illegal bootleg liquor, and now they are involved with drugs. But the Bronfman dropped the production as soon as he realized it was based on a shiksa lie. Oh we love the shiksa’s when they don’t get caught!

Thispublic relations fueled lying-for-profit scheme is as old as the construction of white female identity in the modern era, by corporate interests–especially in the medical realm–fully exploited white females as a profitable “herd.” THis type of white woman is merely a product, like any other.

Examples of that are too numerous to demonstrate that fact here, but the most recent was the case of Gabby Petito, and the subsequent “gang stalking related assisted suicide suicide” of her fiance’, as the “empowered women’s” movement and the “Good Men Project” headed by that old blonde woman Dog the Bounty Hunter–stalked a guy into a swamp, as law enforcement agents milked the clock at the cost of $200,000 PER DAY, AFTER they knew the guy was dead.

Like other public relations fueled “empowered women’s movements,” we can trace these cases to the legacy of actual mafia’s, and unsurprisingly, and specifically to the Bronfman family in Canada.

Talk about a distortion of reality–Syracuse University–which helped launch her lie-filled career, now headlines the case thus:

Behind the ‘Lucky’ exoneration: 2 lives filled with pain and a man’s 40-year fight for justice

Absolutely one of the most twisted headlines I have ever read–to compare one liars rape to the theft of a man’s entire life? Yup–that’s some witchcraft alright. These lying little devils–white females, and their #fakerape industry enablers are a real thing.

Sebold has made tens of millions from publishing books, and making movies, but when the lies started to crumble, production of her movie “Lucky” was tossed–and an investigation begun into exactly “why doesn’t this story add up?”

Neither she, nor her publicist returned the AP’s request for comments.

I hope he sues her to death–and buries her in a cornfield in an underground love shack, full of odd mementos from his days in prison–but that he digs a much deeper hole for that devil than the one the Creeper dug in her fantasist novel. Because if there is a hell, she surely needs to go back there where she came from, putting an innocent man in prison all those years, because “butt hurts” that may or may not have ever happened.

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