Who killed attorney Abe Dabela? Firefighters, organized gang stalking, and coroners reports

Redding, CT attorney Abe Dabela was murdered with a bullet to the back of his head, and found with a muddy footprint on the BACK of his jacket, during a “car crash” that “happened” shortly after he wrote a text message that said he was being stalked by firefighters. His DNA was not on the trigger.
The coroner said it was a suicide. His family says it was a murder.

Here’s more from CBS News, and if you or someone you know has information, a reward is offered. The family is represented by Solomon Radner and Keith Altman of 1-800-LAW-FIRM.

As we see time and time again, coroners, and their reports are often suspect–not merely flawed, but actually suspect, meaning that they are often political, and often deliberately false. Fort Worth Weekly reporter Teri Webster has documented the gangs that stalk people who challenge official coroners reports. Unsurprisingly, most of these “gangs” of “stalkers” are CURRENT AND FORMER MILITARY, MILITARY INTELLIGENCE, POLICE, FIREFIGHTERS, and others in their web of associations. And often, yeah–when we trace their webs of relationships, we DO find that they are indeed connected to “the CIA, the FBI, Mi5!” and so on.

These are not “theories” these are often actual conspiracies–and the case of Gugsa “Abe” Dabela is that without any doubt whatsoever.An actual conspiracy at every point. And as there is a link between community mobbing and mass shootings, so to is there a link between police and firefighter gang stalking, and strange deaths. In Dabela’s case–he texted a message that he was being followed and harassed by a gang of firefighters right before he died–and after a sketchy police chief and police personnel denied him a handgun permit, going far outside of routine policy to do so.

One must wonder if in fact most of the online chatter of “gang stalking” that comes from official reports and studies like that of like Dr. Lorraine Sheridan is just virtue signalling of one corrupt state paid operative to another. Regardless, these cases highly indicate institutional racism at play, and that academics like Dr. Sheridan are merely a modern incarnation of a KKK poison squad–white women have always been instrumental as both the cause, and in the coverup of nearly ALL lynchings.

A major breakthrough in my investigation into organized gang stalking came when I was able to link a “#fakeTI” online to his girlfriend, a county coroner in Los Angeles, who has now gone on to head a major retired police fraternal organization. That #fakeTI routinely published stuff on Peacepink that was just bizarre–pictures of sfadows on the wall and so on, that he called “directed energy weapons.*”

Related Story: Former Hubbard Ohio firefighter Richard “DontBeADick” Wittkugle was given a restraining order in one of the most famous gang stalking cases on the web, that of Rick and Cindy Krlich in Ohio. Then, he was later convicted of milking the town till and calling in fake fires, while lining his pockets.

It wasn’t a casual linkage I made to one gang of stalkers either, because by doing social media monitoring (SOCMINT), and using open source intelligence(OSINT), combined with “contact chaining” of their webs of relationships, I was able to find several facts that indict them as a literal gang, and also as “investigators” who work in that capacity.

  1. I discovered a man who says he is a targeted individual, and he commenting on the blog of this woman here, Deb Matheny of Minnesota, who lost a daughter to the social services networks, and later, lost her to a drug overdose (as I recall at this moment.)
  2. that woman had tagged one of my many blogs rambling on about “directed energy weapons” and so on. Her web presence looks absolutely lunatic for the most part, until we bump into the inconvenient fact that the basis of her story is reliably sourced to actual state agents and agencies–she herself in regular contact with a hard-right wing FBI agent–that agent from the era of the Satanic Panic.
  3. from that link, I was able to discover the name of the man described in point number 1, and then, web searching revealed that man linked to a news story about homicide investigations in Los Angeles, CA, whereupon I discovered that he was indeed the boyfriend of a woman who is a county coroners investigator,
  4. Now, I had three names with many linkages, but these two specifically lived together at a certain address in California, USA–and further searching revealed the names of others who shared that address.
  5. Upon further research, I was able to discover that two of the people who lived at that address were promoted through the ranks of the coroners office, and as stated above, one of them became the head of a police fraternal organization, while the other went on to become an FBI special agent. This is the what, who, and how of “gang stalkers” all of whom are criminals, causing homicides, suicides, and mass shootings around the world, and in the USA. They CAN be caught and prosecuted.

I have named all of these people elsewhere–indeed, one of my best blogs–full of evidence– was deplatformed by WordPress within days of me writing these exact facts into evidence**–and others have now begun to use the ROGS Analysis to trace their own webs of gang stalkers online, most famously the brilliant sleuthing by Wanda Cooper-Jones, who traced the webs of her sons ruthless, racist murderers, who are now facing trial.despite many attempts by the murderers to claim that they murdered him because of past “bad conduct.”

I ask those of you who are not part of the tribal-sectarian, Jewish-christian, or other race gangs within policing to help keep the heat on the murder of Abe Dabella.

POST Script:

**this blog you are reading is now mirrored at http://www.gangstalkingresearch.com because WordPress has operatives who work inside its organization who do frequently target and deplatform writers like me on some flimsy excuse or other, or turn our data over to others without a warrant of any kind

You can read more from the family attorney here, and more from Justice4Abe

Please feel free to call, or write to Dr. Sheridan at Curtin University(she is a public figure) and tell her about this case, and how firefighters are linked time and again to gang stalking

The state attorney who refused to prosecute Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers is now booked on charges herself


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