The rapist, the bully–they all say “he/she was asking for it”: the case of the flawed junk science behind the FBI-Academic-Silicon Valley profile of the “fame seeking mass shooter.”

It is well documented nearly anywhere and everywhere you look: bullies and rapists who target vulnerable victims often claim that the victim was asking for it.” And the FBI profile of the “fame seeking mass shooter,” aka the “mass contagion seeking shooter” is little more than that.

The bullies excuses for bullying individuals that they target range from:

-He wouldn’t shut his mouth!

-The way she dressed she was clearly looking for it.

-He thinks he’s such a tough guy!

-She thinks she’s so hot!

-He started it!

She started it!

And so on. You can provide your own research, I have done mine. Here, you can start here with my research, and work your way out of that quagmire of corporate sponsored police state double-speak. But the manufacture of terrorism overseas has certainly come home, as have the tactics of “targeting” those who have “radical” ideas.


-WTF is some foreign army doing on my home soil?

-is peace possible?

-human rights for all races are guaranteed by the US Constitution…oh, wait, never mind.

And in that regard, we find few exceptions to the evidence that the profile of the “fame seeking mass shooter” is an outlier amongst outliers. There is simply very little scientific evidence of that claim, despite the studies and research in that area–but lots and lots of evidence that “someone” s targeting them as speakers long before they go on shooting rampages. They are targeted for words!

The case of the New Zealand mass stabbing done by Sri Lankan national Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen is one such case–a refugee from political oppression finds refuge in New Zealand, whereupon he is promptly stalked online and off by zionist psychopaths who radicalize him. He seeks to get the hell out of such a due process free stalker state, and attempts to fly to Syria, to join ISIS (a terror creation of western intelligence agencies, like its original mystery cult of the same name.) Then, he spends his “refuge “imprisoned for many years–just like the uncharged Guantanamo Bay, Cuba victims.

Then, upon release from prison–he had been locked up for arguing with militant rabid zionists online who work in the intelligence services of the FVEYs nations and Israel–in his final weeks of freedom, he was stalked for 53 days of “close surveillance” by a 30 person “gang.” That guy couldn’t take a shit without a spook popping up to monitor it. Look: these programs are designed to CREATE terror events, not prevent them. They caused that to happen, as these targeted individuals have no recourse to justice or civil liberty at any point.

And while the news pundits ask “Why wasn’t the shooting/stabbing/car crashing” prevented!?”, the answer is plain as day: western governments do not want to end these types of events, because they gain revenue every time they CAUSE these events with this exact form of constant Panoptical surveillance. Its a form of ritualized creation of a Golem, and a scapegoating of narrative.

And, as we saw in that case too, the guy was NOT seeking notoriety–he was seeking to get the hell out of New Zealand–and they wouldn’t let him travel! Its a one hundred percent wager that if you deny people the most basic human rights, civil liberties, and due process, they will react badly. And that’s what happened there, and it’s what these cult based programs are.

Like most research in the area of victimology–and like the DVIC itself–the researchers themselves are the problem, as we see with these Dr.s and psychologists and social workers here, or this discredited journalist Mike McPhate whose work in the New York Times attempted to hide the practice of real estate developers, and gangs of local insiders comprised of current and former police, military, and investigators and their assets; Ku Klux Klan members, and corrupt prosecutors as we saw in the case of Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers–who are who gang stalkers are, for the most part–harassing people in order to gain profits.

They are primarily white, and biased. And of those non-whites who conduct such research? Yup–they are all hooked up with Catholic/Protestant/Baptist/other churches or Israeli zionism–this is what the New World order is. And its a religion tainted Holy War at every turn.

….post in progress, check back later.

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