Remember when “they” said “we” were conspiracy theorists because “we” said “they” are spying on us, tracking us, and compiling a database on all of us?

Riiight. Conspiracies that turned out to be true.

The government is spying on all of us! See the Tier 3 National Security Agency “Utah Data Center” for empirical proof of that. Also, see NSA shares US persons data with Israel, unfiltered. Riiiiight….

The government is tracking us all! See Automated License Plate Reader’s and cell phone data stored in the Utah Data Center–and how every single electronic device you use indeed is designed for that EXACT purpose–with a camera in your face every time you use a computer or cell phone.

The government is compiling a database with all of our names in it! See points one and two above, and then see “Cal-Gang Database” (or any other “gang” database for that information)–or watch as the Pasco County Sheriff uses “predictive policing” to stalk, target and harass citizens.

But by far–by very far, my favorite “conspiracy theory that turned out to be true?”

“The government will use school shootings as a way to eradicate the second amendment, push gun control, and shut down the most critical tool in the average citizens toolkit with which to fight government tyranny..

Let’s take a look at just two documents, courtesy of the excellent site–the “crazy conspiracy theory” that mass shootings and gun control go hand in hand.

First, have a look at how the FBI issues bulletins warning of how people become “radicalized” after encountering FBI, Infragard, private FBI/DiA/DoD/DHS contractors and other agency gangs of stalkers (stae and local police “Explorer program recruits,”etc)–but especially after encountering FBI “official narrative”and its cognitive dissonance:


(U//LES) FBI Bulletin: Anti-Government, Fringe Political Conspiracy Theories Likely Motivate Domestic Extremists to Commit Criminal, Violent Activity

The following intelligence bulletin from the FBI Phoenix Field Office was originally obtained and published by Yahoo News.

Anti-Government, Identity Based, and Fringe Political Conspiracy Theories Very Likely Motivate Some Domestic Extremists to Commit Criminal, Sometimes Violent Activity

Riiiight. Then, have a look at the agencies quick reference guide talking points memo from their PSYOP division, the Behavioral Analysis Unit’s profile of the school shooter for comparison:


FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit Guide: The School Shooter – A Quick Reference

The School Shooter – A Quick Reference Guide


Nothing to see here, folks, move along….but first, have a look at the guy who predicted the mass shooter as a gun control ploy, William Cooper, who I have written about elsewhere–and ask yourself–was he wrong?

Behold, a Pale Fact: WIlliam Cooper completely underestimated the depths of depravity of those who manufacture terrorism–he thought they would only send “school shooters” to get the job done! Wrong, Mr. Cooper!! Its not just happening in schools–it’s happening all over the US now.


Unlike Nostradamus, former intelligence officer William Cooper got something 100% right, embedded as it was in a lot of other sort-of-facts, and sort-of-true things. Indeed–he wasn’t crazy in any sense of the word, right down to the day he was killed in his own home, after enduring decades of stalkers driving up to his property line and ogling his home.

And neither is almost anyone else out there who distrusts official narratives, and you should distrust them too. It’s called “being skeptical” and its a normal, healthy response to hearing or reading pure bullshit–pure b.s. like any of the many pseudo laws ( here, here, and here)that have largely replaced the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as a guidepost and pillar of our one-time democracy..

The US hasn’t been an actual Democracy since forever, much less 1918, when the bankster’s established the FBI as an agency to collect revenue, and destroy local competitors to their international crime rackets, while waging PSYOP whenever possible to further the aims of those who finance the deep state political agenda. They are united in that endeavor with two other institutions–the Hollywood and media propaganda stream, and the medical industry, aka the medical mafia.

See the case of the Congo for just one example of how the deep state/international capitalists/influence operations controls everyone in a single country, pitting them against each other, and even encouraging actual cannibalism, so that it can exploit their resources. And it is this mindset that researchers need to bring to bear on all claims of gang stalking too.

And for my part, I part ways with “conspiracy theorists” who blame “the government,” because in fact, it is many governments, and many military, intelligence, and police agencies who are doing these things in the US and around the world. It is a form of culture; Jewish-christian culture.

And real targeted individuals exist, much as we saw how Martin Luther King’s entire family was monitored–for THREE GENERATIONS!!!__ by no fewer than two race supremacist groups (one Jewish group and one Protestant group), military intelligence, federal, state and local police, the CIA and the FBI–and few other spook outfits too.

It really is a shit-world when citizens cannot depend upon democracy, rights, or due process of any kind. But knowing that, makes choosing your path a bit easier, doesn’t it?

Riiiight….nothing to see hear, move along folks….

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