Watching, as Richard Moore of the Northern Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association gets stalked, house broken into, on film: the rights of one are the rights of all

The slippery slope of American’s losing rights, didn’t happen with “evil Democrats” or the Covid-19 plandemic; and it didn’t begin with “the commies,” nor did it begin with the ass-bandit leftists–nor did it begin with any of the many things that folks like to blame for the massive hit to all American’s freedom’s: Godlessness, heathenism, Satanism, and so on–it began when cash strapped counties all across America took the devil’s deal from “outside special interest money.”

Yup–the slippery slope started when states and their police departments became dependent on black budget money from private donors, and special interest programs, all of which essentially said “if you do what we tel you to do, we will open our purse–and you can do whatever else you want with that money.” As big money donors like George Soros and others used their money and clout to disfigure liberty itself, to further their private agenda’s.

As outside interests funded SWAT teams and “task forces” that have no clear or unified purpose, and even less constitutional basis–but these people who derive profits this way do not care a single bit about law. They care about opportunities to double dip, and skim the taxpayer.

It is these that Mr. Moore has implicated as a major part of his stalking. Indeed, in that area of the USA, these consist of national guardsmen, sheriffs and police departments, and all of those who they enlist to “fight crime” in one way or another. And failing to “fight crime,” they are creating it.

Because there just isn’t that much crime in these area’s, save for the debate-ably criminal element of drug addicts, selling dope to other drug addicts, or petty theft to finance addiction–these “task forces” find other creative uses of their time and the tax payers tax dollars–they gang stalk people like Richard Moore. That’s “who the gang stalkers are,” by definition of their own funding sources, their own acronyms, and so on–and that is who funds gang stalking, too.

And besides–how to “sell these un-Constitutional programs to the public?!”

I have an idea: let’s manufacture sex offenders, and wave them around as the bogeyman! That will get the herd all worked up! And wave them around, and create them they did, since 1993–the hard right began to target the families of American citizens with creepy stories about sex, sex offenders, and Sataic Panics like this one here. Here–you can watch an actual gang stalker, Tanner Vaughn, a demented criminal, breaking in to the house of one of his many victims.

That’s not to minimze the reality that sex predators are indeed out there–and many of them work as you might expect–in policing, and on “human trafficking task forces!” But if society truly wanted to solve that problem, rather than wagging scapegoats around, they could easily set aside a parcel of land, or a certain city zone, and allow such people to form their own community there–outside of ordinary community.

So–as we watch America’s Jewish-christian form of society eating itself alive right now–like a cricket with a horsehair worm in it’s head ( or coming out of the head of a Praying Mantis, for comic effect)–we see men like Mr. Moore as the remnant of the post-constitutional era brought on by the Satanic Panic–hell, the guy looks scary enough!

Except he is innocent, as far as I can tell, and I have read through his entire case, including the appeal. And even if he wasn’t innocent? He still has rights, though some might not like that, and–you can’t blame the “commies” for that. Nope–this is a byproduct of far right christian theology and cult practices.

So–if you want to view an actual target–for whatever reason you wish–go over to Youtube and look for Richard Moore and “North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association,” where you will be able to watch a living, breathing and actual biblical scapegoat. who is in fact targeted in his community, by actual stalkers who he catches on film

You can read more about scapegoating theory and practice here, or the “frustration-aggression” problem that is inherent in jurisdictions who employ this strategy as a form of social control–but for my purposes, I want to scratch one layer deeper, and note the use of scapegoats as a religious and cult practice, by those who practice false religions–no religion that claims biblical origins would ever do, or allow what is being done to Mr. Moore, simply because it goes against the golden rule: do unto others….

Let me revisit a post from awhile ago, where I focused on Mr. Moore and some allegations that he made about a Facebook group that had–for SOME REASON–added themselves to his Facebook page, around the time some “creatives” plastered their “art work” at the end of Mr. Moore’s driveway, and he documented a certain truck with a certain license plate in his driveway too–here is that art work, and keep in mind the psychology behind scapegoating, and the “frustration-aggression” nexus too:

I analyzed the hand writing sample here at this post, where I discussed his stalkers further–and one of those alleged stalkers who indeed is part of the National Guard in that area. As we see, in that area, the National Guard is indeed part of a “task force” too. The handwriting FYI, bears similarities to some famous serial killers too, notably the Zodiac Killer.

Well, Mr. Moore was arrested for his posts on Facebook–no one has yet so send me my charging sheet for what I wrote–and I invite any and all to do so. I have made that invitation before too–it seems that none of those who claim that gang stalking is a delusion ever want to be seen in public taking to task over things like that, or the “malicious or selective prosecution” of Mr. Moore, while I go un-cited, or charged. That seems significant, your honor.

Now–go over to Richard Moore’s Youtube, and watch those videos–they are telling.

What you will see there is a man who is being stalked and terrorized by people he can and has named–stalked by people in automobiles just like what happened to Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, the second runner up in “most lynchings per capita” in the USA. There is nothing “delusional” about saying that you are being “followed” by strangers, and then filming them doing that–no, that is cold, bracing reality, rampant in that part of the US.

Moore films people who unabashedly kick in the doors to his house–and actual “highwaymen” who stalk the roads and byways of Mississippi, harassing people like him. They follow him in the front AND the back of his car–they impede his progress, and alter his ability to follow the speed limit–they cause the risk of car accidents too, which Moore also documented ass two of these asshats crashed into each other while stalking him–gang stalking is a public safety issue.

And when he gets out of his car to confront his stalkers? Predictably, they dart off like true and actual cowards! This is a pattern in nearly ALL gang stalking, my friends. They come in the deep of night, and fire guns on his property! And the sheriff there says “well, they fired blanks, right?”They come in the light of day and the sheriff says “well what was the crime,” and so on.

IN the post-constitutional era, the terms have apparently changed, and men like Richard Moore do not have rights according to some, even when they catch this silliness on film. And so, I have little time to blame “the commies” and the “homo’s on the left,” because as we see in the artwork above? The frustrated and aggressive homo’s are very much living right there in Union County, MS.

It’s important to keep in mind that Mississippi is where Emmet Till was lynched–Emmet Till, and so many others, both white and black–native American’s too. You can have a look at the historical lynchings that have happened there, to understand this one locality in the USA–and understand that most American’s there and many other places, fundamentally detest democracy.

Related Story: How many lynchings took place in Mississippi–that we know about? The NAACP has the facts.

Ahhhh! Democracy! It once held such promise, and now what is it? And who destroyed it–and why do they keep destroying it?

For one, Jewish-christian societies depend heavilly on the narrative of “scapegoats,” and Mr. Moore is exactly that. You can read up on him some more of you like, as I have made him a “cause” if you will.

Richard Moore, cousin to Charles Lee Moore, the most famous civil rights era photographer of that era–which some resisted then, and still resist today. And here is Richard Moore under assault, as I have put some other journalists on notice that I am documenting that case; and here is Richard Moore being arrested for first amendment protected speech on Facebook, and my satirical investigation of “what is free speech anyways?”

You can search this blog for other posts too.

And Moore has their names, he compiles lists, but he cannot get the sheriff to take fingerprints from the “artwork” that was left at the end of his driveway during one of many nightly stalkings by these miscreants. Most significantly is a little pervert, voyeur, potential murderer, and all around miscreant and an actual “satanist” by the name of Tanner “Lil Kidd” Vaughn.

If ever a miscreant needed a good b!tch slapping, it would indeed be Tanner Vaughn–who would likely enjoy it, if his masochistic web presence is any indicator. Yet somehow–someone–in that region of Mississippi grants Tanner Vaughn immunity from any prosecution whatsoever. Who and why enables that cretin to break into Moore’s house with impunity? Those are two good questions we are working on.

In Mr. Moore’s most recent video 11-18-2021, we see him at the local police station–I am assuming it is Union Cty, MS, but the video doesn’t state this–and what we see is just a glimpse of how “the law” and those who are trusted by the people do their jobs in that county.

We see a female deputy taking a report; we see a female deputy disappearing into a corridor to confer with an unknown officer of the law; we see her returning, and finally taking a police report, many years after Moore has been stalked.

She smiles an odd smile–you can see the human being in her at times, knowing what a farce law enforcement cult practices are, and how real Mr. Moore’s story is. You see in here body language the struggle between doing the right thing versus doing what here superiors want her to do–the struggle between having facts that are not at the disposal of Mr. Moore, versus her duty to facts told by Mr. Moore.

This odd body language, and personal conflict is the direct result a good cop, being asked to particpate in bad things, the video is very clear.

And what we see is a rare hint of justice in Moore’s case–possibly the first hint of justice he has seen in all of the time he has been stalked. My colleagues will know this case, and the patterns too. and eventually, we might collaborate to make this a national–or even international story too.

SO–YOU BETTER GET READY there in Union County, to be featured around the world as the EXACT REASON that democracy died in the USA too.

The rights of one are the rights of all, and this case is indeed that.

6 thoughts on “Watching, as Richard Moore of the Northern Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association gets stalked, house broken into, on film: the rights of one are the rights of all

  1. You mentioned you replied to my post elsewhere, but I don’t see anything anywhere. They are most definitely intimidated by you, what you know & what you’re capable of.
    And that makes me smile…


    1. Hi.
      Um, yeah, I have replied variously–when I get a comment I just hit Approve, and so on.

      For awhile last month, some agency trolls were sending all of a certain commenters comments into my spam folder, and later, they deleted my spam folder, attempting to hide evidence–it’s what they do.

      But I always check spam, and log IP’s and so on.

      But your emails weren’t in there.

      So–who are “they” that you are speaking of? And what exactly am I capable of in their estimation?


    2. Moore is not being “gang stalked”. First a little history, Moore spent a lengthy term in federal prison for pedophilia. He also spent time in state prison for a variety of other felonies. He is being harassed by neighbors who have seen where Moore is a registered sex offender and they do not like the fact that pedophiles live in their community.


      1. Hi, and thanks for your reply. Well–sure, his neighbors are part of the contingent of insane (and surprisingly fat) people that are stalking him.

        And Unless you are privvy to informatin I do not have, he is not a pedophile–he is a guy who had some child pornography appear on a stolen computer that was given to him by someone who was themselves eventually convicted of a sex crime.

        And since his release, he has been very vocal saying that it was a frame job, and the trial transcripts indicate that this is so.

        Then, mobs of police incessantly hounding him with false arrests for speaking out about what is happening there in Union Cunt, MS.

        So–then what would you call what is happening to him, if not “a gang” of “stalkers” who do what they are doing?

        If you are open to that dialogue, we can have it right here–I will start a blog post just for that. Let me know if this interests you, and thanks for writing.


  2. One last thing – I don’t believe in any of the nonsense being spewed by alot of the target community, like this is all ” the work of the devil ” etc etc….I’m not religious, or a conspiracy theorist.


  3. Dear E, the Guy in Guam:

    I will reply to your comment BEFORE you make it. Watch the timestamp ok?

    But: Its nice to have a compatriot there in Hawaii, which has–as you likely know already–given Edward Snowden to the world!

    And the world NEEDS more Edward Snowden’s, if there is any hope for Democracy! Which there isn’t, and I think you know that.

    But what the world DOESN’T need are more people talking about “directed energy weapons” in terms that make actual targeted individuals like the man above in the article look foolish. He could use some allies to help him break the tiny balls of his stalkers in that area.

    For your own sake, I will not publish your comment which gives away too much information, but I will state that if you are interested in Wen, than be prepared to share Two.

    Ahhh, cryptology is so fun when we keep it simple!

    And as you know–we could banter on and on forever–go to the thread with “the gentle man, the paranoid lady” and see how some are trying to access my services for free.

    It doesn’t work like that–money or GTFO.

    I too have a couple who moved in behind me, and they own all of my connections. Which, I admit, I am glad that they do–otherwise, look at the story above?

    There but for the grace of grace went I once upon a time. And now I go armed with knowledge, and tools, and sometimes, a small battallion of assistants on the wires who make my life enjoyable.


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