Three “bonkers” Oklahoma sisters get prison in bizarre, highly organized stalking and murder plot: will the FBI take up cases of gang stalking? Its iffy.

Women are very creative stalkers–but also crafty murderers, perverts, rapists and so on–and doubly creative when it involves babies and baby daddies– and the money that they can get from child support and other DVIC dollar sources.

And as I consistently maintain, both women’s violence and “gangs” of “stalkers” mask themselves in women’s issues and DVIC mechanisms that phrase domestic violence as a “man problem,” despite decades of research indicating otherwise–and case after case that female sociopaths lurk everywhere. Evan police fail to do their jobs and lock these crazy women up when they should, which can and does lead to worse crimes.

And that’s the case at hand, where an actual “gang” of women stalked a man, and tried to kill him over a child custody situation.

Oklahoma Sisters Get Federal Prison for Bonkers Plot to Kill Baby DaddyThe plot centered on an interstate child custody arrangement with the murder target: an ex-husband.

Three Oklahoma sisters were sentenced to federal prison this week for an interstate murder plot that involved “disguises” and “climbing rope” but ultimately failed spectacularly.

FBI Special Agent Johnnie Sharp Jr. and the Northern District of Alabama U.S. Attorney Prim Escalona announced Friday that Tierzah Maspeh, 29, was convicted for crimes including conspiracy to commit interstate stalking, discharging a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence, and multiple counts of interstate stalking. reports that for her crimes, the mother was sentenced to 60 months in a federal prison.

And Tierzah wasn’t alone in court. For collaborating with their sister in the murderous plan, Charis Mapson, 33, and Elisa Mapson, 25, each received 120 months behind bars for similar charges.

I welcome any prosecutors to contact me if you seek information about these gangs of women who are literally EVERYWHERE in gang stalking stories.

The problem is a well known one, that has existed in every generation since Lulu Markwell and her Ku Klux Klan Kamelia’s began to use the Democratic Party as an organizing tool with which to be held unnaccountable–to seek extra privileges in American society.

And one of the main tools of that power grab was the “whisper campaign” that caused many black men to be lynched–but also hid the horrors of the emerging prison system as a form of slavery, by another name, targeted ONLY at incarcerating males.

Females need not apply. Because why? It’s Never Her Fault!

Thankfully, prosecutors–many of whom could care less about the white problem, and who are themselves a new breed of federal prosecutors from non-white Jewish-christian culture are getting wise to the white girl games, and prosecuting them AS stalkers, but there’s still a lot of work to be done on that front, and I welcome that influx of new ideas and new prosecutions into American life.

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