Exotic electronics for silent wars in domestic spaces: police gadgets, variations on the term “target,” and being “on the radar” in the post-democracy era

I am recently willing to engage in a limited fashion with those who claim they are being “targeted with electronic weapons,”against my own “better judgement” and despite my own biases. Generally speaking, anyone who cannot separate nature from deity is a dumb asshole, with no hope ever of enlightenment, and deity has no place in science.

And, so I am publishing links to two papers that document the use of Doppler radar, and other similar radar systems being described in the literature as having applications for targeting humans, but also, because one of those papers includes the phrase “active shooter” similar to “mass shooter” which I will explain below.

My regular readers will know why that is important–because somewhere between the noise of false claimants and actual targets of the police and surveillance state, is a lot of internet pollution that no serious researcher, journalist, psychologist, or others who can help actual targets can possibly plow through.

While the psychobabble and gibberish has its origins in earlier incarnations of the Catholic-Jewish-Protestant-Mormon CIA, circa 1950-2001, modern psychobabble is more nuanced and complex, with other psycho-actors from other religions and cutures (diverse psychobabblers) and fairly routine PSYOPs behind it.

See the source image
There is a huge “technology gap” between the gadgets and electronics of our modern world, its ordinary citizens, and those citizens who become the targets of the police and surveillance state that utilizes tech to target people in various ways. You can learn about Technology Gap Analysis here. Nothing runs (rings around the hunter) like a Deer–or an informed TI Image: Vintageadbrowser

The technology gap and tech that targets human beings: scary sounding science meets actually scary applications in predatory policing

The first paper is here below, where a research team comprised of primarily Chinese citizens, and other East Asians who work in US universities describe how to use micro Doppler radar to target “mass shooters.” I also covered that here.

Potential Active Shooter Detection Based on Radar Micro-Doppler and Range-Doppler Analysis Using Artificial Neural Network

A second paper that includes the lead author Yiran Li :

Portable Doppler/FSK/FMCW Radar Systems for Life Activity Sensing and Human Localization

Ms. Li is a contributing author. Wow–talk about targeting! A stand out author, in the academic publishing world….

Most targeted individuals envision these types of microwave, and radar and satellite systems as something like this, which is quite a threatening image, depicting actual devices designed for battle fields, not your neighbor, their children, and pets; and his or her or their “beliefs” as they are “targeted” by the police and surveillance state:

See the source image
Doppler radar combined with a gun or laser toting robot thingy Image: Geo Informatics Consultants

But in reality the targeting “gadgets” look more like this:

See the source image
Satellite tracking of individuals was once pure science, based in theory, and then made into applications–but now these gadgets are actually tracking all of us, 24-7, and depending on which side of the police state you are on, those who own these gadgets are undermining democracy–which is as easy is as easy as tracking a cell phone ping to a targets phone or laptop, from anywhere in the world. Think Marjorie Taylor Greene and her “Jew Lasers” insanity. These hard right wingnuts always forget how many of theior fellow “christians” are in on the gag to the deepest state dollar. Image: ESA SPace Surveillance and Tracking

There are tens of thousands–possibly millions– of other related papers, with similar scary science, and similar gadgets but my focus is to help targets understand that the language of science often sounds much more scary than it actually is, and that because a huge amount of science today panders to the military industrial complex (MIC) and it’s subsidiary policing industries, these papers use ” keywords” and concepts that catch the ear and eye of such contractors.

As such, a lot of “gadgets” are indeed being designed to target people, and those gadgets are under-studied in their effects–and those effects are yet to be proven by most targets who are not equipped to understand, or collect evidence that such gadgets are in fact being used in any capacity in their targeting.

A huge story from the last decade–after Edward Snowden came forward–was that the MIC was offloading military gear designed to target so-called terrorists onto federal state and local police departments in an absurd militarization of our daily lives. And all of those gadgets emit varying levels of microwave radio frequencies (RF) which are largely under studied.

Here is the Catalogue of Secret Surveillance Gear that was famously published by that media outlet around 2016-17, and here is one image from that catalogue:

See the source image
Dirtbags in the security industrial complex have been testing such equiptment and experimenting on real people with DRT-boxes, Hailstorm, Stingray, and Finfisher gear–something stinks even among these bottom feeding catfish, as one after another, the fed is indeed indicting these military contractors and private security criminals who are targeting citizens with such gear–but only after they get caught red-handed after harming and then murdering people, not before they murder people. MAny postulate that mass shooters are one such category of person.

Generally, the cops won’t investigate, arrest, or prosecute them to find out, because as we see in the recent FBI “gang” the federal-state-local police agencies, and their webs of relations, confidential informansts, and others ARE who the “gangs” of “stalkers” at every level, with so many mass shooters being “on the radar” as we see with Imran Ali Rasheed in Texas–he was both “on the FBI radar” as well as local police and their community policing assets.

That’s one helluva’ “radar” they have on these guys isn’t it?

The “crazed mass stabber” in New Zealand started out as an asylum seeker, then was jailed for years, beaten in prison, released, iprosined again, and in his final days, he was stalked by 30 police from many jurissdictions, for 53 days, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Only then did he finally grab a knife in a grocery store, and lash out at the people who were stalking him, in coordination with their “community policing” based on the National Inteligence Model of Britain.

You can even ask a living, breathing target of this insane, anti-democratic policing–ask Richard Moore* at the North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association–that’s “some radar” they are using. You see, gang stalking doesn’t require these devices at all–because the cops know where these guys are at all times. The question is–are they in fact also using actual radar on them too? Its a valid question in light of these papers.

For a few recent examples of these gangs of police and their gangs of stalkers, many of whom are being prosecuted now, look here, here, here, and here for a few of these gangs, most of them working directly for, with, or formerly employed by the FBI, police, and other state agencies.

What’s in your gang stalkers back pack? Who knows–and who cares? Build your own counter surveillance go bag, and stop worrying. Also see my many “help for targeted individual” sections at this blog for a few more ideas, and also have a look at Amazing1.com**, where you can buy actual “zappers” of various kinds to zap your stakers too.

SO–some people claim they are being zapped with gadgets, while most actual TI’s don’t claim that at all. The vast majority that I have discovered who DO claim they are being zapped all have political and religious beliefs that they insert in between their rhetoric, and associate that zapping with religion.

And, many of them are wealthy enough, or supported by mystery money to the point that they could fund their own army of stalkers to fight back too. Have a look at the big budget “Ella Free'” and her associates at Targeted Justice for two examples.The anti-prostitution crowd, and the “all women and children are victims of sex trafficking” crowd ALL are allied with creepers in the security industry, who conflate choice with slavery.

Other targets–the kind we see in the papers and online news stories every day, getting stalked by armies of undercover cops and SWAT teams until they get shot in the back or die in suspicious circumstances–cases like Ahmaud Arbery, which are legion across the US right now, and even these cases here and here in Arvada CO, where a mega church has organized a huge gang stalkig operation–these individual targets seldom if ever talk about being targeted with zapping, electronics, and other gadgets–though many of those gadgets are recent inventions, and may indeed be targeted at these persons who can no longer describe what happened to them prior to their decision to shoot up the cops who stalked them, and much as we see this form of “due process free” policing thathas taken hold across the west too.

So–what does “zapping” and “electronic weapons” mean to actual targets, versus those online who sound purely insane using these terms? For example, I encountered several military contractors during my time as a target, and documented it as such. I also encountered one #fakeTI online who was a multi-millionaire, and who was the CEO of a helicopter leasing firm, and had US Air Force/other asshats following me around California over patents, and the Los Angeles to Las Vegas lightrail too–a long story, full of sordid characters, which you can research at my other blogs online.

And I also have met many, many people online and off who refer to the modern technologies that are actually used by government as “electronic weapons” because that’s what they are: automated license plate readers that track people across states and countries, cell phones that are routed outd=side of the US to other FVEYs nations, email and computer hacking and so on. All electronic, all weaponized at various levels by Big Tech, working dirty black hand in dirtier black glove to subvert “rights” and create “targets” out of pure speech, political opinion, and associations between individuals.

SO–are these two distinct categories blurred by design, or by accident? I posit that it is by design, because that’s exactly what military contractors, researchers, and government agents and agencies are doing, and have been doing since 9-11 and even before. These papers are simply evidence of the language used to describe such research, and explain how such terms are in fact used to describe the connection between the research, the gadget, and the “targets.” And later, how these impact the larger dialectic of #fake TI’s v. their victims, called “targeted individuals.”

This type of research into the language of these sciences is important, because what we have here in these two studies is what constitutes “evidence” that the term “mass shooter” is connected to the actually being a “target” of “radar.”

Four mass shooters have gone on record claiming that they were “targeted individuals” before they went on a mass shooting. One of them claimed he was being hi t”with “directed energy weapons” aka “ELF” weapons.

But the other three, not so much, because they mainly complained about standard modern era abuses, like gangs of police and security contractors stalking them; and one of those, Gavin Long, aka Cosmo Setepenra directly targeted police in retaliiation–not random civilians or school classmates. All of these four who claimed they were targeted were African Americans–one of the most historically targeted groups in all of human history, so three of the four claim–75%- are not absurd claims or even slightly bizarre on their face.

This connection between bizarre language and jargon is not at all unique in law enforcement and intelligence agency literature, speech, and protocol, as the term target, targeted individual, TI, tango; subject, person of interest and so on are standard terminology.

What is unique though is how the targets percieve themselves, after discovering that they are targets–and as we saw the FBI flying planes everywhere over Baltimore, the case of Everton Brown emerged as one where a less-than-aware target of community policing “believed”that he was being watched from the sky, in a jurisdiction that notoriously had FBI airplanes routinely hovering over it before the story broke in the msm.

I would especially advise my readers to note the entirely experimental nature of the first paper (click the link), where we see a graphic that lists various persons as “targets” of the experiment, at Figure 9, LI et al.: POTENTIAL ACTIVE SHOOTER DETECTION BASED ON RADAR MICRO-DOPPLER AND RANGE-DOPPLER ANALYSIS 1057 Micro-Doppler and range-Doppler for different activities: (a) walking with a concealed rifle, (b) walking with natural arm swings, (c) walking with a cane for a blind person, (d) walking while holding a gym bag, (e) walking while carrying a laptop, (f) walking with a walker, (g) moving in a wheelchair, and (h) walking with a rolling suitcase.

People in wheel chairs, walking with canes and walkers–and the main start of the show of course, “the mass shooter” with a concealed rifle. We have seen this before–do you recall the Department of Homeland Security “no hesitation” shooting targets?

See the source image
Yup–hey, look East Indians, Arabs, Africans, and other newcomers! Every American is toting a gun, and dying for a chance to aim it at YOU! Zap them, before they SHOOT YOU!!!!!!! Or, just study how Free Mason’s aim you at each other. Image here

The author of the first paper, Yiran Li is quite an interesting researcher to, along with her colleagues Zhengyu Peng, Ranadip Pal, and Changzhi Li, because so much of the US and deep state research is outsourced to foreigners who have no care or concern for how these “weapons” are used–but ALSO because the deep state intentionally avoids most US citizens who might find such research unethical, considering that it requires “experimentation” on US citizen subjects.

In conclusion: In the past, I have hesitated to tackle the claims of those who say that are being targeted with electronic weapons, because nearly 100% of THOSE people are crackpots, political pundits, and of one kind or another, most of them exhibiting clear personality disorders such as sociopathy, and deception associated with sociopaths. You can read more about them by using my search box, search term “electronic weapons,” “#fakeTI’s” and so on.

But mostly I dismiss them because they absolutely drown the dialectic space with more garbage and internet pollution than any actual target can digest–and the clear goal of sites like Targeted Justice, and The Everyday Concerned Citizen by Ramola D. is to never actually help actual targets–they are not designed to “help” or “guide anyone who is being stalked, at least as far as I or any rational people can tell.

Many of these people who make these bizarre claims are very wealthy, and involved in various exclusive membership “clubs” or what is commonly known as secret societies, such as Freemasonry, and the many many similar fraternal and sororal organizations. They are affiliated with defense contractors and the military industrial complex–and they appear to be behind targeting other people with stalking, exactly as we see Scientologists as stalkers too, a very well documented “phenomenon.”

As such, of those I have met and spoken with who claim such things, I have found exactly one actual target who has documented the most bizarre “community policing” I have ever seen in one of these cases, and that targeted individual’s name is Richard Moore. Search my blog for my extensive posts about “Richard Moore.”

While he has never produced “evidence” of a clinical nature that he is beig “zapped” with an “electronic device” he has recorded massive spikes in RF frequencies in his home and elsewhere, using what is called a Tri Field meter, and he has been contacted by another purported TI, who provided him with an actual gadget, the type of which can be used for the purposes of targeting people*.

My criterion for writing about electronics is:

  1. is their scientific evidence?
  2. does the paper that describes it, or other media describe humans as “targets” and connect that device/concept/theory to an actual target, or a group of targets?
  3. is the electronic device described therein the paper?
  4. is their a clear causation correlation?
  5. is there secondary supporting evidence, including but not limited to films, photographs, tri-meter printouts, etc.
  6. can the alleged target be eliminated as a time wasting #fakeTi? In Moore’s case, it is less then probable, due to the evidence of non-electronic based harassment that he has credibly provided at his various sites around the web
  7. does the scientific evidence correlate with reputable science, and can it be falsified?

*I do not support christians, bible thumpers, and/or any other proseliytizing religion in any way, but I DO support those who are bringing attention to these heinous state crimes with evidence, regardless of their other content. As such, I find Mr. Moore entirely credible, despite his constant exhortations to his “god,” and greatly admire the courage that he has shown. So–strip the religion away, and what you still have in Moore is a courage that defies belief–a courage beyond belief–regardless of who or what he attributes that courage to; and he has a willingness to engage with evidence, and scientific standards of proof.

**I suspect a clever marketing ploy and opportnism by the person who provided the gadget–a genuine item that can cause misery to stalkers and targets alike– to Mr. Moore–this blog has fielded dozens of “hits”on the link that features Amazing1.com, the supplier of the gadget that Moore has obtained. However, I will for now continue to support that link in the hopes that ther targets empower themselves with science–and gadgets with which to fight back. And I will laugh at those poor patrol officers who refuse to use critical thinking, or apply the Constitution in their daily work, should “targets” decide that they are the enemy, which is sadly the case when those who are sworn to uphold the law forego it. Radar, indeed.Zap away, free people!

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