Minnesota ex-cop Kim Potter cries on stand, in video, demonstrates well known phenomenon of “white woman’s tears” for all the world to see

Black, brown, and other women have watched for decades as white women gain unfair advantages by crying wolf–and using real tears that get people lynched, jailed, or otherwise caught up in Ameria’s police state mechanisms.

The phenomenon so real that there is a name for it “white woman’s tears” and these cases are legion. This form of women’s violence is strategic, and political, causing undue advantages to be conferred upon them, at the expense of others–and oh boy, are these basket cases costing taxpayers money!

Notoriously, Gabby Petito was able to avoid jail over battering her boyfriend Brian Laundrie when she turned on her White Woman Power and flushed her eyes out on camera after admitting to co-combatant boyfriend battery. This was a huge event that took place during “domestic violence awareness month,” and the entire event seemed scripted for aximum effect,from beginning to end as mystery people followed the couple across the USA.

It ended in what might well be the most expensive manhunt in history as the FBI, Florida Law Enforcement agents and their various police gangs searched fruitlessly for a guy who was no danger to anyone but himself, costing the tax payers $200,000 per day–when in fact police knew all along that the guy had offed himself in a swamp.

They knew this because they were watching him, “24-7” with a spy camera hidden in a trash can, and then, despite knowing all of this, the FBI led his parents through one of the most awful haunted Halloween horror shows that these sick f@cks could dream up, with cops leading them right to their sons skullcap and other belongings.

This is what is discussed online as “white supremacy,” because other women do not get such a shitshow when they disappear, nor do other blonde’s or missing men get anywhere near the concern that white women do. In fact, during that Great Shitshow, several more bodies of missing people were found in the expensive searches, yet none of their disappearances were worth 200K per day–why is THAT?

But these are not isolated incidents–white women wage a peculiar form of violence where they hit people FIRST, and then cry once they are caught doing violence. It’s one or the other with these passive aggressive bullies, but they have endless other ways to cause violence, and tears are just the start of their emotional shitshow.

And they have been doing this since forever, and it only became highlighted in the era of the Women’s Ku Klux Klan, and the fearless leader of white women everywhere, Lulu Markwell, who was anti-everything fun: anti-alcohol, anti-sex, anti-everything else that did not kowtow to white female Protestant ethos.

And it was precisely because so many “empowered” white women made so many false rape charges against black men that people began to notice, and say “hey look! The biggest gulag in human history was built right in the USA–the “most free” nation on earth!”

The phenomenon is also highlighted in the many cases of The Karen’s that pop up every week in the news, most recently Airplane Karen, a former Playboy Bunny* smacking a man on an airplane because he wouldn’t kowtow to her white female demands. Fortunately, police are starting to arrest and prosecute these women, but can never arrest and indict enough of them to properly repay their historic victims.

Image and story from Photography is Not a Crime–PINAC News

WATCH: Minnesota Cop Cries on Witness Stand and Apologizes for Killing Daunte Wright instead of Tasering him

By Carlos Miller December 22, 2021

Minnesota cop Kimberly Potter knew she had screwed up within seconds of shooting and killing Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old man who had been pulled over for driving with an expired license registration.

Wright also had an air freshener dangling from his rear view mirror – which happens to be a crime in Minnesota – and that was dutifully noted by the eager rookie cop whom she was training and who was driving the patrol car that initiated the traffic stop on April 11, 2021.

Daunte Wright

Potter, a 26-year veteran with the Brooklyn Center Police Department in Minnesota, ended up shooting and killing Wright after trying to taser him.

She then broke down crying, knowing she would be charged. After all, the shooting took place as the trial of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was taking place a few miles away in Minneapolis. A time when the nation had finally started paying attention to police abuse.

Fast forward to December 2021 and Potter is being tried in the same courtroom that sent Chauvin to prison for 22.5 years earlier this year after the jury deliberated for two days.

….follow the links! Connect the Dots!!

Update: Minnesota cop KIm Potter found guilty of manslaughter of Daunte Wright. Rational people say “Hey Lady–its NEVER YOUR FAULT!!! while others ask “what kind of asshat can’t tell the difference between a Taser and a pistol?”

*Former Playboy Bunnies also gang stalk people. Use my search feature “Playboy Bunnies” for stories related to that, and also have a look at Maureen Dizon here in this post–all of these loosely fit what I call the “IMDB Gang” of stalkers.

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