So called “Empowerment” groups, fake victims-bullies and gang stalking: The DVIC coup de’ grace is women in stalking networks. Meet a “targeted individual” affiliated with Derrick Robinson

Let’s make the gang stalkers famous! And, let’s start with one of the more limelight seeking “targeted individuals” online.

Derrick Robinson is one of the very few people online who has associated himself with mass shooters before, during, and after their shooting events, and with little surprise, we find that he is also affiliated with right wing christian religion too, which is valuable for once again validating the ROGS Analysis framework, wherein we find that religion is a major factor in gang stalking, but especially significant in that some use it as a coded language to signify their religious affiliation.

Most reputable sources call these types of claimants such as Robinson “crazy,” or in respectful terms “disinformation agents and outlets,” because they are part of the right wing psychobabbling crowd that believes in end times prophecy and so on.

He and others like him bill themselves as “human rights” campaigners and activists–but always come off sounding like Dr. Stella Immanuel, rambling on about “demon sex and electronic weapons.” Do you remember Dr. Immanuel? She made a blip on the radar during the first round of the Plandemic* in a unique way, urging her followers to take hydrocloroxoquine, and like many of these nutters, she is a Pentecostal christian.

Bearing in mind that these Pentecostals and their variants–many devotees of Apocryphal teacjing–were also implicated in witch hunting during the witch huts of the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Daily Beast notes that these dangerous witch hunting loonies are known for violence, due to their “beliefs” which they project onto others, resulting in death–in acts of “incorporation” akin to cannabalism:

Apocrypha like the “Acts of Thomas” and “Acts of Bartholomew” were popular in the medieval period, and even those who couldn’t read or write knew these stories. They also helped fuel the “witch craze” of the 16th and 17th centuries, in which zealous Christian leaders persecuted and killed thousands of people – mainly women – for their beliefs, often concocting claims that they consorted with demons.

It’s clear that Immanuel has profited from her beliefs in the supernatural, especially in right-wing and religious circles. 

Their odd claims have deep roots in Jewish and christian culture, text, and teachings, despite no evidence to back up the claims. They are anti-science, anti-democracy proponents as well. See this post here about “fanatical Zionism,” a powerful tool of the western Jewish-christian culture for reference.

Regardless of the version of bible based witch craft that they practice, it is dangerous, and linked via the “bizarre dialectic of gang stalking.”

And, they have a lot of sex hangups too. From

Demons pervade biblical apocrypha, which are stories about biblical subjects that were never included in the canonical Bible and include various associations between demons, illness and sex.

And now, back to Derrick Robinson–here he is, and he is quite a public spectacle, appearing in nearly every single main stream news source that makes actual TI’s sound as nutty as he and his #fakeTI groups are–“they’re zapping me right now!” You can have a look yourself at this ridiculous PR disinformation and misinformation movement:

Derrick “They Are Zapping Me Right NOW!” Robinson. Exactly who are the gang stalkers, Derrick?

He is currently the Executive Director at People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance, International (PACTSIntl), in Hemet, California, United States, and his various involvement with gang stalking is extensive to say the least–this is not Robinson’s first gang stalking outfit.

Here is his LinkedIn profile, and note his training in broadcasting, but also that he and his groups are behind many of the whacky “billboard campaigns” and discussions of “directed energy weapons and electronic surveillance and harassment” in the Los Angeles area and other places. Such billboards were prominently featured in Canada not too long before the Portapique, Nova Scotia mass shooting/burning event as well.

That entire event was itself a “crisis PR” campaign, where the state and the RCMP stood back for 13 hours as they planned how to spin the event–and they did that AS THE SHOOTINGS WERE STILL HAPPENING. Here are the 911 transcripts, where we see that they knew who the shooter was, they knew his name, and they knew that he was driving a police car–12 hours before the shooting stopped.

Most of what can be found about Robinson online indicates several things:

  1. he is either batshit crazy, or deliberately full of shit, and never accomplishes anything other than to discredit targeted individuals like this man here, by incessant yammering about electronics and brain zappers–you will never get a straight sentence out of such people, because they speak coded gibberish. It is quite likely that nearly 50% of all the pollution online about this topic is exclusively him and his associates, and I invite any researcher to compare it to my work.
  2. every so-called main-stream news source has quoted him and used the most bizarre language to describe actual victims of gang stalking–in other words, everywhere you find Derrick Robinson, you find a discrediting narrative laced with the [oison of “electronic brain zappers!!!” Real TI’s complain about police brutality, and local gangs of cops who stalk and murder people, as we saw in the case of Ahmaud Arbery, whereas #fakeTI’s never get past the gibberish that you can observe here as opposed to what you can read here and here and here about actual TI’s versus their tormentors, who masquerade online and off as “victims.” The eBay cases of gang stalking now being prosecuted in federal court, and the Pasco County Sheriff being sued over his “predictive policing” program are also good examples of actual targets, harassed by “gangs” of “stalkers.”
  3. Robinson is one of very few people online who get a lot of air time but accomplish little ore than talk–backed by subtle and constant religious proselytizer’s in his circle. And in that light, he has either headed, or been involved with every “TI group” that has had contact with mass shooters before, during and after mass shootings. Myron May, Gavin Long aka “Cosmo Setepenra,” and others who “made the news” were all in contact with Robinson’s groups BEFORE their events.
  4. He was president of one of the most discredited #fakeTI organizations online, Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). But to call them “fake” would be to deny how dangerous these people are–they are in fact a major part of causing mass shootings, via stalking, and other tactics.

Recently, I have been documenting the connection between the Single Mother Industrial Complex (SMIC) and gang stalking. The SMIC is a subsidiary industry created by the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) back around the time of Satanic Panic’s and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which was foisted on the taxpayers by Joe Biden, et al. around 1993*

In theory, these programs all sought/seek to solve social problems, and who can argue that “protecting women and children” is a bad thing, right? Who can say that mother’s do not deserve protection? And certainly–who would argue that women need their asses kicked? Well, sure–all of that sounds well and good, except….who pays for all that? And what is the actual result?

Yet it is in the absence of an answer where we find the CORRECT question–like: have you noticed lately, that the US is no longer a constitutional republic, but rather, a police and surveillance state by definition?

I have a few “Russian” readers who find that interesting–and I have about 80 readers in Mississippi right now who are also reading in, because I have criticized that state’s ca$h cow$ and their hellspawn.

A sub-current of gang stalking dialogues online is women’s empowerment and bizarre claims that domestic violence is “torture,” which most often, it is not. In fact, statistically, it is batshit crazy women beating on some guy until he goes off on her–and this proven a fact for over fifty years, in every study, EVER on that topic–feel free to prove me wrong.

And here in this story, we see two third wave “feminists” yammering on about how domestic violence is “torture,”and that we are in a “crisis of never ending domestic violence, and incel related car crashing events!” and so on as these exact women participate in stalking; yet not a single peep out of these people about actual torture, or actual “human experimentation” at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, nor do they have a thing to say about the inhumanity of the US Gulag system, or the many, many black men who are murdered each year by police.

Torture is torture, right?

“The Inquisition in Spain” Tortures of the Inquisition including “waterboarding” at right. Vintage Woodcut Illustration from: “Book of Martyrs; or a History of the Lives Sufferings and Triumphant Deaths of the Primitive as well as Protestant Martyrs from the Commencement Of Christianity to the Latest Periods of Pagan an Popish Persecution” by Rev. John Fox pub 1832. aquired 2001 Tortures carried out in the name of religion

And in that milieu of fearful, privileged women who demand a society that upholds their “privilege” above all else, are men who are the ultimate bottom feeders and predators who these women deliberately appeal to for “help,” again–the damsel is always in distress, because she consistently refuses to learn some basic self-defense, use common sense, or even criticize herself for battering her mates; but also because most women in this category are hopelessly insane, because for her, birthing a calf for the state is the ultimate glory–the ultimate vindication of her human purpose.

The bankster state needs mindless hood rats to fight its endless wars, and those rats pop out of these exact women. Hell no lady, it’s never your fault!

And of those bottom feeders amongst such men, they are of the type that couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse full of blow up dolls and drunken goats, much less in real life, And so they appeal to the “down fallen” damsels in much the same cloak and dagger way that Edward Bernay’s framed “women’s liberation,” but from the OPPOSITE side of the argument: christian fundies who “empower women,” by acting as stalkers by proxy, and often hired by any of MANY MANY women’s groups and NGO’s.

Remember the “Good Men’s Project?” How is that not the same as saying “the Good Jew, and the Bad Jew?”

The “good black man and the black man in general? (*sound of “Mr. Bojangle’s dinning off in a sweaty, cigarette smelling Reno Nevada slot stop in 1968*) Seriously–“The Good Men Project.

The real question then, is framed incorrectly–it isn’t a question of “good/bad” but rather “complicit/not complicit.”

Now: all of that was a very long way around to me stating this: I have met some of Derrick Robinson’s associates, and they are NOT GOOD PEOPLE. And so let’s take a look at some of those people who pop up online, and in real life, as actual stalkers, who indeed are affiliated with intelligence cults.

All cults have their followings, and intelligence cults are no different in that respect. And, all cults share ideology, and “belief” too. But what is important about the cults that are polluting the internet with false information, is they actually stalk people–and in this one case of this one cult, they had contact with several mass shooters BEFORE, and DURING those events–but also ran narratives in the press afterwards too.

And they leave behind a LOT of information whereby we can build a database–they leave their phone numbers and email addresses online, saying stuff like “Hey I am being zapped right now, 24-7 with a tinfoil melting RF raygun, attached to my neighbors telephone pole! Call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX!!!!”

And that is where we can begin to separate real targets from those who form gangs and target them. SErious gang stalking researchers might find this linkage quite interesting–#fakeTI groups’s and these types of psychologists here, not so much. And any journalists who are working on these stories migh also want to put Dangerous Derrick on your Source Watch list too.

So, let’s meet one of the “followers” of Derrick Robinson’s cult, who added her name to his website contacts–and unsurprisingly, she is in the IMDB, too, which I have discussed ALL OVER this blog. SO–help me make them famous, ok?

Use the search term in my search box, “Internet Movie Database Stalkers” or just click this one link for an example.

And let’s start with one of those on his list of contacts that I have met–twice: 4’11” tall Filipina mother of five, Maureen Dizon, Hollywood gadfly–a big fan of Starbucks there in Hollywood, BTW–who is on the record tying her name to Robinson, here, he one of the very few–countable and nameable– people online who, along with his colleagues, was associated with several mass shootings, before, during and after the events.

I will withhold certain data in my possession, but suffice it to say that Maureen Dizon, aka Moe, Maui, M-&M, M, and about gazillion other names – looks EXACTLY like her picture, and she is on call in Hollywood, should anyone need to hook up with” a #fakeTI:

Let’s have coffee again sometime, Mo!

Now: to demonstrate that gang stalking is EXACTLY as weird as many claim it is? Have a look through her public profile at LinkedIn, and note that se works for “Strange World Productions.

Um…its a warehouse. In Hollywood…..and only two companies in the US use that name–the other is in Wilmington DE, according to Bizapedia.

And does that city also sound familiar to my readers? Riiiight.

Poor ol’ loyal-to–fault John. To this day, no one knows *for sure* who, or what killed him!

And of course, he was “off his meds,” lol.

Yup. And while your here, maybe reference those reformed Playboy Bunnies too. There is a whole underworld discussion about them online too. Everyone is a “victim” except their targets.

*These are all well documented pseudolaw based anti-Democratic entities and institutions. They are also the foundation of the Two Tiered Society envisioned by ultra-right wing people and organizations who replaced the Constitution with these entities. Like other cults that grew into huge religions, such as Mormonism, they use egregiously long names and their acronyms all have dual meaning.

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