Psychopaths v Empaths–guess who wins? It’s not that easy, folks.

In psychology, we see time and time again that people like these “good” doctors here are waging a war on critical thinkers, and that “the media” is waging a narrative that “conspiracy theories are dangerous!! Runnn!!!

Then, we see others caught up in the reliquary of the Civil war–which theoretically ended over 156 years ago–but are still being targeted for their “beliefs” in humanity, equality, and justice by actual people in Confederate uniforms–in 2021, for f@cks sake!

Yup–gang stalking is inter-generational, and international banksters are “who the gang stalkers are.” They are who financed slavery and the Confederacy in the first place, making unimaginable profits along the way.

Banksters? What the hell are those? What and who is a bankster, that word not in any “legitimate dictionary”!(for some reason yet to be established,) though common, ordinary people know who they are.

Related Story: The DEA has been searching travelers records for any signs that they have some cash–and are seizing it. Police all over America are stopping cars, hoping to get their hands on travelers cash. And all of that is predatory, and unconstitutional–since when has America become a police-as-pirate state? Since forever-and whereas some say that-piracy once helped American democracy thrive, it has since turned against democracy itself–and the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex is just another arm of that lawless state terrorism too, as we saw in the Publix shooting.

Yup. Its difficult to wrap your head around concepts like that, when every person you know also knows who “they” are, but major media continues to NOT publish that word, or the easily identifiable names of these people.”

But once YOU do? Your eyes are forever opened–but ALSO, you now have a responsibility to “do good in the world,” after that. Name them, shame them, and publish stories ABOUT THEM and their armies and minions.

So, let me ask YOU: “what IS a legitimate dictionary in the first place?

Go watch the brilliant Mel Gibson film” The Professor and the Madman.” to answer that simple question. Yup. A dictionary is what WE make it. Words are what WE say they are, no matter who is stalking us to NOT use words! A story of William Chester Minor, a man driven insane by British morality police and their gang stalking apparatus.

And its also a story about early forms of psychiatric torture and abuse, directly from the Protestant mind, in the era where psychiatric abuse was rampant. Whereas the Catholics had The Inquisition, and their “witches the Protestants seem to have given us psychiatry as a modern form of torture.

In the past, men created witches: now they create mental patients. - Thomas Szasz
Note the word “create, a deliberate note by a noted psychologist that mental illness is a creation, not a biological disorder.

And those of us who create “vernacular” are those of us who have suffered, or been tortured at their hands. The pattern repeats–which is why people are winning the Pulitzer Prize now-because ROGS Analysis has meaning–to ordinary victims of corporate-government stalking.

Such is the term “gang stalking,” and its close relative, “#fake TI,” it is all, really, just word games, as genuine TI John Forbes Nash–whose “schizophrenia” vanished right after the CIA began to profit off of his game theories– would tell you if he could. In game theory, there are ONLY the people who actually assault you in your shed, or head late at night, and then, those liars and frauds–#fakeTI’s after that. They are legion–like COVID-19’s many deceased.

Sure–its “all a conspiracy theory,” you might say. And maybe, I would agree with you, except….except…as we see actual conspiracy after actual conspiracy roll out in the news and other places, we begin to ask different, more highly evolved questions, like–is gang stalking real?

And a short list of answers pulls up Ahmaud Arbery’s case…and Stanley Cohen’s case. ….and Stuart Bramhalls case. and so on. Yes, we say to ourselves–gang stalking is REAL, no matter how many Christine Sarteschi’s and LOrraine Sheridans, and David V. James’s write it out of reality–these are paid assasins of truth itself, all of them working for the police state itself–all of them ” pro-prosecution” bullies.

Would You Pull the Switch?
Anya Leonard, Founder and Director, Classical Wisdom asks–gendering all of the negative roles “male. 

Anya Leonard’s Classical Wisdom publication is all deep state cultist narrative, and she undoubtedly is on record advocating for “deep state narratives,” and moral posturing–her publication have been on my “radar” for awhile, because of that.

She is a “deep state operative” who has the eyes and ears of media narratives.

SO lets contrast her version of “junk science,” with “real science, ” just for fun, and ask the question: ” Is Anya Leonard Jewish?” because we need to separate the Svengali’s from the Scientists in the crowd. Watch, as she attempts to connect with a primarily female audience, in the “breeding age bracket”:

“While at her own mother’s funeral, a woman meets a guy she doesn’t know. She thinks this guy is amazing — her dream man — and is pretty sure he could be the love of her life. However, she never asked for his name or number and afterwards could not find anyone who knows who he was. A few days later the girl kills her own sister – but why?”

Now, there are surely plenty of ways one could solve this puzzle, but if your answer was because the girl thought the man would show up to the second funeral….you may be a psychopath.

Well, actually that’s not the case. The above riddle hasn’t actually been substantiated in any way. The second riddle below, however, comes from an actual questionnaire in many studies… and is one you may have seen on these humble pages before.

It’s called the Trolley Dilemma and it is an excellent thought experiment in ethics and psychology… as well as a good introduction into the ideas of utilitarianism.

A runaway trolley is about to run over and kill five people and you are standing on a footbridge next to a large stranger; your body is too light to stop the train, but if you push the stranger onto the tracks, killing him, you will save the five people. Would you push the man?”

Its ALWAYS a man in YOUR narrative, isn’t it, Anya? Phil Zimbardo would be quite proud of your terrorist sympathies.

And–its NEVER a woman getting assaulted, and tossed onto a hot electric train track in your type of peoples narrative–why is THAT exactly, Anya?

And, like Saint Alana the Medicated, is it? Yeah–that makes your work look like “woo,” and junk science, honey. Try harder.

Well, anyways, THANKS for playing ROGS Bingo! And : who is training gang stalkers in society? Yup, its you Anya, with that type of bullshit.

That’s a lot of hormone discharging psychobabble that you said up there, and I am sure the goy and their incels might send you roses and scented candles, with a waterproof, bathtub ready vibrating dolphin–maybe some bath salts too–and other gendered things in a gift-box after that!

Good Job, girl!

Not only has the riddle “not been substantiated in any way” but also–your second riddle is equally full of shit, because–yeah–see the first riddle for evidence, ok?

Yup–gendered narrative makes you a fairly limited soldier in the battles of equality. And biased, in the way that so many Jewish-christian-type female authors are biased, ok? The Greater Good! What a Kant!

See this post here, as a former FBI private contractor stalks a few folks, who, “coincidentally” are Jewish. Yeah–you might have guessed that he failed, and is facing charges now–GO FBI! But does that paradigm work when it’s the goy reporting? Indeed it does! Look–the Department of Justice ALSO indicted a Holocaust Industry accolyte!

Hon–there are no COINCIDENCES, as we see in the story if cultists who work in law enforcement lead Brian Laundries parents on a pre-Halloween journey, highlighting the brutality of gendered narratives, in a very sick endeavour. Yeah–” coincidence” is soon to be off the table for these fascists as a social exploit.

Now… the inherent value of philosophically trying to solve ethical issues should hopefully be obvious. After all, this is a site dedicated to wisdom! T he ancients would have most definitely approved of the exercise for its own sake. 

Yeah, maybe. Like–the inhabitants of the Isle of Lesbo’s for example. But Amazons, aka Scythians, not so much, I am guessing.

WISDOM, Anya–do you have a definition of that? I don’t have one handy.

But I can point you towards “science” as explicated here, at Ancient Origins, which reconstructs the human past, rather than waging tribal, sectarian warfare on peoples minds–and attempting to steal the hearts and minds of our daughter for your own pleasures.

And without any doubt whatsoever, I WOULD pull the switch on people like Anya Leonard, and her kindred in media if I was there during that trolley incident–and I would pull the switch ten thousand times on her kindred in Yellow Journalism, like Sabrina Rubin Erdeley-or Bari Weiss—they are not “helping” anyone, one single bit with their version of morality, spoon fed to the “masses” packaged as pseudo science, and moral implications.

Shut up, girls! None of you have a single clue about the “real world”. Or anything in it after that. Hop on your water dragons honey’s. and please, for the sake of humanity, ride the f@ck out of news rooms!

And take this sheitbag with you.

Related Story and Update: since I wrote this, Anya Leonard has confirmed what I wrote above. In her news letter, she writes in response to a fan letter “How do we combat BAD ideas?”

 I can most definitely assure all my readers that I am not a Holocaust denier. Indeed, many branches of my family tree were unceremoniously shorn off in one single day, ancestral villages and communities ‘alive’ only in memory and on plaques. 

Moreover, I’ve been to Auschwitz twice, the second time while pregnant – a poetic triumph in my mind. So the idea that the camps, the events both during and leading up to WWII were all ‘faked’ seems absurd.

So why print a reader mail that suggests that? Excellent question, dear reader!

I appreciate two things in retrospect since I wrote this piece:

1- the gun toting female soldiers around the world who crawl in trenches with the men

2- that even those who claim to be for free speech, and fighting bad speech with better speech are still blind to their own privilege as gatekeepers of narratives, as she is. Note the linkage between women like Anya, and the story of Esther in the Torah. Yup–as usual, kill the doorman. Its what they do.

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