Pssst: Child for sale–the curious links between an FBI agent and “adoptive services.” Meet Brass Balls, who writes about that stuff

WARNING: Ths post contains graphic descriptions of child abuse, perpetrated by those affiliated with the “child traficking networks” in the USA, operated out of Ohio, by Margaret Cole-Hughes, and their enablers in the FBI, including her own son.

Friends in “high places:” where have we seen that phrase before?

I ask my regular readers–those two readers who read EVERYTHING that I write–to go over to and use the search feature, search term “FBI child trafficking,” and read what you find.

Here, I will make it easy for you:

To everyone else, I ask you to look at the absurd situation that exists between an adoption agency which has made hundreds of millions from selling children, and an FBI agent in Milwaukee–which on the surface is probably a common occurence, but one scratch BELOW the surface, and we find actual child trafficking, by the very definition of “child” and “for sale.” Here’s the story:

574 persons got away with $200 million selling 8000 children over 40 years

And that child trafficking operation’s FBI link:

“FBI’s Hughes promoted for covering up his role in mother’s child sex ring”

Image: The Daily Bastardette, of Bastard Nation

That story is a story about how so-called adoption agencies–all of them affilliated with one or another version of religious groups– get away with crimes, in order that the purportedly “good people” can adopt children from “bad countries/bad people/bad environments,” and so on, and “give those children a chance,” as if being indoctrinated into a religious sect is like winning Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket or something.Children are luxury itmes for competitive birthers and others wo seek unfettered access to kids.

And this idea of “good v. bad” is a subjective opinion–what is good and bad? In terms of the USA and its cults, sects, and religions, bad and good are an interesting conversation–and that conversation depends upon whether or not the “good people” have connections in “high places,” while the “bad people” often depend upon law and due process, civil liberty, and so on. The latter of course, is ALWAYS a decision doomed to fail, because the US power structure is NOT democratic in the least sense.

Related Story: Britain operates child selling and profiteering rackets in a similar fashion, though it is slightly ahead (behind?) America in Hegelian Materialism’s effect on so-called free societies–look! The murderer of little Arthur (his step mother) gets locked up!

Equality! Women get locked up in jail!! Hell yeah!!–Meanwhile, in the USA, the medical mafia is yet to be prosecuted to any meaningful extent, because police and state worker pension funds are tied to criminality AND Big Pharma, like the kind of criminality that allowed little Christopher Bowen to be slaughtered–repeatedly– by his mother, Kaylene Bowen and her friends in the medical “community.”. Child sacrifice indeed–and it’s nearly always the boys who get sacrificed, Why is that?

But what is certain is that subversive, anti-democratic power is at work here–that the main subject in that story was the mother of an FBI agent, who is using her connections–and her son’s status as an FBI agent, to manipulate the system, and cover up actual crimes, that include “trafficking” children. Bribery, various forms of fraud, violating financial codes and breaking laws–and then, having her FBI agent son appointed to sweep all of that under the rug.

Yup–child trafficking is very real, the FBI is very involved in it, and yet it barely makes main stream news, until….

That one day...

I ask my readers to look into the case of Richard Moore in Mississippi, because he is a registered sex offender who has been “gang stalked” for many years by various police, sheriffs departments, and their gangs of “community policing” assets.I have read his case from charge to appeal and guess what? It is quite likely he was framed by local political forces.

He has never rammed a Barbie doll into a five year old boy or girl like this associate of the FBI, he has never sold any children ever, and he has no “friends in high places,” like the FBI to cover over such crimes had he done such things–which he hasn’t. Ever.

Texas Mom remains free without bond after buying her 50 year old son a four-year-old “adopted” girl from Poland, who he nearly murdered by ramming a Barbie Doll into her vagina.

Child trafficking indeed–Richard Moore has never laid a hand on a child with malice, nor used any child as a commodity in any way, ever. Yet he is in fact, a scapegoat–an easy target of those who DO those things, and who DO have friends in high places to cover their tracks when they do such things.

For clarity and veracity, take a look at this post, where two goats showed up on his front porch one day, totally out of the blue, within days of me writing that he is a scapegoat. In gang stalking, you really cannot make such stuff up–because gang stalkers are well connected, extremely wealthy, and require that they have scapegoats to deflect atention away from what they are actually doing.

Here is the shorthand version, but I recommend my new readers use my search feature, keyword “Richard Moore”–the short version: “Richard Moore Gets Goats On his Front Porch, Courtesy of the KKK in Mississippi.” Then read up on the clever types of people that are stalking him here, here, and here.

Well, about power, and FBI connections: they use children as a shield to hide their other unconstitutional activity behid, like all police in the US. As they say–they are never there when you need them, but always there when you discuss that online (I have two “followers” who never ever comment here, but who read every single word that i write, as soon as I write it, according to my WordPress statistics. I hit send, their phones ping, and my posts get read–immediately.)

Well, as the story goes, the five year old adopted child will never bear children, never fully heal, and never be able to use her vagina the way that nature intended it to be used, because FBI affiliated child traffickers sold a little girl, and because she was raped by 50 year old son of a woman who is now indicted, she will likely have to live with a re-routed peehole.

SO, to recap, the son of a child trafficker in Texas shoved a Barbie doll into a little girls vagina, and caused her great and irreparable harm, which will last to the very end of her days–the poor child was nearly raped to death by those who harken to “higher powers.”

But you will have to read through Brass Balls analysis of that, including court files from Pacer, and other non-MSM sources, to find the truth of the matter–I myself won’t spend my time that way–I know wih certainty, that FBI enables both religious, and other cults to do such things, for “the greater good,” much as we saw with this other court case, where an FBI trained “gang stalker” named James Baugh attempted to reveal as much about FBI tactics, and subversion of democracy.

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